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About Us

Owner, Barbara Swisher-Richards
"I enjoy being able to create happiness for the little ones!"

100 Hot Money Saving Deals is a Boutique specializing in unique to the market learning toys and entertainment for babies and toddlers, and more for the whole family.

100 Hot Money Saving Deals was created in early 2014 by Barbara Swisher-Richards (pictured) as an Amazon Store where thousands of our satisfied customers are found. Jennifer, Barbara's daughter, (not currently pictured), was made a partner in the business several months after.

Barbara says... "We both love children and together we seek through our products to assist in creating innovative hands on, interactive, and safe learning toys and for newborns to help them transition into the world smoothly, to be filled with love, warmth and luxurious softness and comfort wrapped in our Gentle Whispers - Calming Seas Muslin blankets."